Humans have been consuming psilocybin mushrooms for millennia for spiritual and ceremonial purposes. These psychoactive mushrooms have inspired works of art, music, and many other creative and technological achievements that have transformed culture over time. People also use these mushrooms to approach their lives with greater sincerity and less prejudice Matses Tribe.

These powerful forms of life often help us consider existence from a more positive point of view, motivating us to take a leap into the void and discover who we really are. But magic mushrooms should not be consumed lightly. Close attention must be paid to the environment and situation to maximize the chances of enjoying a positive and productive experience.

Think of Psilocybe mushrooms as an amplifier of your own mental state. Like a magnifying glass, they magnify all your worries, making them even more terrifying under the effects of magic mushrooms. If you are not in a good mental state, you should refrain from consuming magic mushrooms or, at the very least, consult an experienced professional or shaman if you can safely embark on a mushroom journey .

You would probably never attempt to climb a mountain or take a 30km trek through the forest without having prepared enough for it. Travels of the mind should be treated in the same way. Mushrooms work best when the body and mind are rested. If you are new to eating mushrooms, avoid noisy, crowded places like parties or clubs.

The experience will be much more pleasant if you consume them in a quiet and relaxed place. We recommend that you take them early so you can sleep at the time you are used to, so if you want to be in bed around midnight, consume them around 6 pm. Some, therefore, prefer to do the experience late at night to enjoy the calm that exists during this period of time.

Magic mushrooms are best enjoyed in a family environment . The most beloved place for a first trip, especially for first-time travelers, is at home, being the safest and most comfortable space. All types of outdoor spaces such as gardens or fields can add new stimuli to the experience as long as they are safe. What you should avoid are crowded spaces such as bars or clubs.

Contact with the “real world” is not recommended at all, especially during your first trip. It is better to enjoy what nature and its beauty offers you. We recommend that you turn off your cell phone, computer and any social connection device. In order to enjoy the full potential of magic mushroom visions, be sure to spend part of the trip in a dark place, especially if you have ingested large quantities .

If you decide to enjoy the effects of magic mushrooms outdoors, prepare properly. Apart from the backpack, you must prepare your mind to feed it with stimulating thoughts such as movies, books and topics to reflect on. Once prepared, relax and hit the road. Walking among the trees, meditating, doing breathing exercises, etc… are a good springboard for a deep spiritual journey.

Although it is often a good idea to travel with company, too much can also be harmful. Experienced consumers point out that groups between 2 and 4 people work best. If you decide to take magic mushrooms in a group, it is important that you all reach the same state (which does not mean that you take the same dose). If one of you is new to this, it may be a good idea to have one person in the group stay sober or take a minimal dose. Avoid consuming mushrooms with people you fully trust or feel uncomfortable in their presence. No one, under any circumstances, should be coerced or forced to consume them. Taking the trip together has to be a consensual decision, discussed and planned in advance. Some people prefer to enjoy the effects of magic mushrooms alone, turning the trip into a more personal and introspective experience. However, we do not recommend it for those who consume mushrooms for the first time.

Having someone to assist you throughout the trip is highly advisable, even if you do not consider yourself a beginner and want to increase the dose. The guides must remain sober throughout the session to be able to provide you with any help or support if you need it. Simple things like drinking a glass of water or finding a blanket if you’re cold can be difficult under the influence of high doses.

The guide should not, in any way, interfere with your experience as such, he can even wait in another room or place, remain silent and observe that everything goes as planned. The best guide is the one who remains passive. It is important that you go to him or her the moment you feel unwell or see that the trip could turn into a nightmare.

Magic mushrooms do not mix well with other substances except marijuana. If you want to enjoy its effects to the fullest, it is better to consume them alone. Cannabis could be considered, as some people claim, to alleviate the unstable feeling that mushrooms sometimes cause. In any case, it is a decision that you must make alone and primarily once you have accumulated experience in consuming both substances.

Like any other human activity, taking psychedelic trips is something that must be learned, requiring practice and experience. Getting to know what you should do and what you should avoid is a process that requires time and dedication. You have to accept that you will never be able to control 100% what is going to happen in your mind and it is useless to waste your energy trying to influence it.

Fighting the inevitable only brings frustration and introduces bad vibes into the experience. Once you have consumed the mushrooms, you will not be able to stop the trip. Even if it’s your first time and you find the experience unpleasant: CALM DOWN! Anything you do to cool your head, such as taking a cold shower, etc. will not reduce the effects but may even create problems.

If you feel overwhelmed and overcome by the effects of the drug, just lie on the couch and do nothing. Going outside and walking alone adds stimulation to your senses, causing the trip to intensify. If you think the trip is taking you too far, ask your guide for help. If you don’t have anyone, think of someone you know who has experience on the topic. Calling your family in the middle of the night is going to be worse because if they do not have experience in this area, they will not be able to help you and you will only scare them, which will increase your panic.

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