7 tips to learn how to heal the soul

Do you know how to heal the soul? Many times scars on the skin can make us think that the pain was very deep and the recovery time was very long; However, there are other wounds that, although they cannot be seen, can hurt more and take much longer to heal, those are the wounds of the soul.

When we spend a lot of time trying to hide what hurts us, the body looks for a way to let us know that things are not right through physical symptoms. Therefore, in addition to healing the body, it is important to know how to heal the soul Kambo.

Healing the soul demands from each person the responsibility of taking care of themselves and being able to share with trusted people who truly offer support and company. Today I want to invite you to learn how to heal emotional wounds.

7 tips to learn how to heal the soul
Experiences as painful as sexual abuse or those in which we are hurt by the people we trusted and loved the most are the ones that usually leave deep wounds in our soul . Pay attention to the following tips that will help you heal.

Accept the wound
Running away from pain does not help you in the process of healing your soul. The first step to overcoming pain is to face it.

Avoid reproaching yourself
Constantly thinking about the things that you could have done better or in a different way will only bring you suffering and fill you with resentment towards yourself. A very important aspect of learning how to heal the soul is to forgive yourself.

allow yourself to feel
It may be that in your healing process you feel anger towards that person who hurt you, allow yourself to feel that emotion and let it go. Keeping that anger you feel will only cause negative effects.

Learn from experience
Life frequently teaches us lessons. Despite the pain and the fact that at some point you may feel that a certain experience only brought negative things to your life, all experiences can contribute positively to your life. Find learning in every experience.

Take all the time you need
It is often said that time is the best remedy for many of the things that affect us. Don’t pressure yourself to speed up the process. Move at your own pace.

Don’t be afraid to express what hurts you
If you remain silent about what hurts you, this can aggravate the physical and emotional consequences, it will also become an impossible burden to bear. Expressing what you feel is essential to advance the healing process.

Seek professional help
When you feel that your emotional wounds are deep and greatly affect your well-being, it is important that you have the support and accompaniment of a health professional to advance your healing process.

Forgive yourself and free your soul
When we do not forgive we are constantly reinforcing the resentment and pain that we carry chained in our hearts. And although forgiveness does not mean forgetting what we experienced, making the decision to forgive frees us from a burden that does not allow us to enjoy life .

Today I invite you to think about the person who is hurting you and reflect on how you are giving them the power to control your life and not let you have freedom in your soul. It is time for you to make the decision to forgive and let go.

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