Law Degree: 8 ways to positively impact

There are different university careers that are of great help to society and the world in general, one of these is the degree in Law. If you want to acquire knowledge, techniques and methodologies that, in addition to boosting your professional growth and providing you with a large number of opportunities, allow you to provide support to other people, this academic alternative is ideal for you! Thanks to the training provided by the lawyers’ academic program, you will be able to solve legal problems that arise in society. In addition, you will be able to put your professional skills to use in the defense of truth, justice and the well-being of your community online Therapy. If a law degree catches your attention and you want to know, specifically, how you will be able to contribute to the world after you graduate, be sure to read this article!

We present 8 ways to positively impact the Law
1. Support organizations that defend human rights
If you obtain a professional degree in Law, you can become an advocate for social causes. In fact, the knowledge that you will acquire in this career will allow you to be a very valuable person for different organizations dedicated to promoting the fulfillment of the rights of the different members of a society. This is because a good Law degree study program, in addition to being endorsed by the Ministry of Public Education (SEP), is characterized by considering Human Rights as one of its specific subjects. In this subject, you will learn about the different freedoms and capabilities that every person must exercise and enjoy, such as:

Life and safety.
Equality before the law.
Recognition of legal personality.
Freedom of thought, conscience and religion.

Although these principles are accepted worldwide, since they are part of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, made on December 10, 1948 in Paris, France, during a General Assembly of the United Nations (UN), all nations have specific laws to defend them. Thanks to your Law degree, you will learn what these regulations are and how they can be interpreted in different contexts, something that will allow you to serve as an advisor in the different cases supported by organizations that promote the well-being of people. For example, if at any time you consider that the State violates the rights of an individual or social group, you will have the powers to go before national and international organizations to make a complaint based on legal principles and with clear arguments. In this type of organization you can even be part of research groups that are responsible for analyzing and evaluating how well human rights are fulfilled in a certain region or country.

2. Defend environmental causes
Without a doubt, companies and industries are fundamental for countries, since thanks to them economic development, productivity and prosperity can be achieved. However, in some specific cases, the processes of factories and other large businesses are harmful to human beings, since they threaten the environment in which they live. In fact, since the beginning of the 20th century, a series of cases have been documented of companies that, due to the gases they emit and their operations in general, have increased pollution in the air and sea and have affected the subsoil. Even if you do not choose to study Industrial Engineering or any other career dedicated to understanding and studying the operational processes of companies, if you study Law you will also learn which industry practices threaten nature, since many of them are prohibited according to constitutional regulations. and business regulations. For this reason, by knowing about these laws and the mechanisms to present them as support for a complaint, you will be able to provide a helping hand to particular organizations or groups that defend environmental rights. Even beyond applying what you learned during your degree to a particular case, you will have the ability to propose environmental norms and regulations that you believe are appropriate to the authorities of your nation, such as congresses, assemblies or parliaments of the Legislative Branch. If you have a special interest in this area, you should pay attention to the study objectives related to the degree in Environmental Law. Even after you graduate, you can choose to do a postgraduate degree related to this subdiscipline, which brings together a set of legal rules that regulate human behavior, both individually and collectively, that can influence and negatively impact the environment. and living organisms. If you love nature, this area of ​​specialization may be your true passion.

3. Help victims of gender violence
If you decide to become a lawyer, on the path to obtaining your university degree you will find a very complete and exciting educational plan that will allow you to have a positive impact on the lives of many people. And, for example, your teachers will instruct you about the different laws that regulate society. Thanks to this type of knowledge, you will be able to defend people who have been victims of abuse within the family, work circle, among others, such as gender violence, for example. You should know that when we talk about this type of violence we are referring to one of the great evils that affect contemporary society, which is why professionals committed to eradicating it are very valuable. According to UN estimates, around 35% of women in the world have been victims of this type of abuse. In Mexico, the outlook is even worse than the global trend. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the nation occupies 14th place on the list of countries with the highest prevalence of violence against women. By achieving justice in multiple cases of gender violence through good management of the laws, precedents will be established and this type of abuse will become less and less frequent. For this reason, law graduates are highly relevant professionals in the battle against this problem. Logically, these specialists are not the only ones who can provide support to victims of gender violence. On the other hand, the help of psychologists is also essential so that those affected can learn to rebuild their lives and overcome the emotional problems that arise as a result of this type of abuse, which unfortunately occurs daily in our environment.

4. Enforce protection regulations for children and adolescents
As we have mentioned in this article, one of the benefits of a Law degree is that it trains professionals capable of serving and helping human beings who are vulnerable for different reasons. For this reason, by taking this degree you will also be able to commit to causes that defend the rights of minors. When studying Law, one of the texts that you will read, internalize and learn is the General Law of the Rights of Girls, Boys and Adolescents, which came into force in the country 4 years ago. Knowing this set of regulations is the first step so that you can provide support to minors who have been victims of abuse or do not enjoy the benefits that the State should offer them. In addition to this, it is necessary that you develop a vocation for service, empathy and emotional intelligence so that you can provide comprehensive support to those who come seeking your help. Furthermore, during your degree you will know which institutions should document this problem and what the ideal mechanism is to do so. In Mexico, one of the organizations committed to the protection of minors is the United Nations Children’s Fund, better known as Unicef. This UN agency, which has been working in the nation for 62 years, has as its main objective to promote the rights and well-being of children worldwide. Also, to report cases of child abuse you can go to the National System for the Comprehensive Development of the Family (DIF) and, of course, to competent courts. In the case of the DIF, although it is an organization that has various objectives, one of its priorities is to protect minors residing in the country. In fact, it has homes for orphans in different regions of the Mexican Republic. Likewise, if you want to influence the defense of children through your profession, you can legally support foundations dedicated to this area, such as Camino a Casa, Infancia Común and Save The Children, among many others. You should know that in these organizations, the importance of the nutritionist is also significant, since they evaluate children who could be in a situation of hunger and, consequently, malnutrition. On the other hand, psychologists, when providing support to minors who have emotional problems, are also valuable in foundations aimed at child protection.

5. Educate about ethics and professional values
Ethics and Law have a close relationship. Without a doubt, a good lawyer must complement his knowledge with a moral sense. For this reason, graduates in this career are qualified to teach university subjects related to the proper conduct of professionals. Upon graduation, you will be able to teach students the moral codes and regulations that they must follow to practice their professions in the correct way. Logically, you can also dedicate yourself to teaching different classes at the Faculty of Law. As we have mentioned in these lines, lawyers are professionals of great value for societies and the world, so training many of them will be a positive activity for your environment. Specifically, working as a Law professor is a very important job in Mexico, since this degree is one of the most in demand by students in the country. According to statistics from the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO), for the first quarter of 2017 there were 668,524 students seeking to become lawyers, which positioned Law as the third academic option with the highest enrollment in the nation. The popularity of this race is not a recent issue. For several decades it has been one of the preferred educational alternatives for people interested in higher education. For this reason, it is no coincidence that, according to the aforementioned institution, it is the third degree with the largest number of professionals in the country, with 943,964. You already know! If you want to serve as a guide for the thousands of young people who opt for this attractive career, you can work as a teacher after you obtain your degree. Of course, you will not only be able to contribute by talking about ethics, values ​​and morals to university students. By studying Law, you will also acquire the knowledge and communication skills necessary to write works that serve to raise awareness in society about the laws and proper procedure. As you can see, a Law degree offers different job alternatives, so you will never have to worry about a lack of opportunities or monotony. In fact, every day you will face new challenges.

6. Provide advice to close people
To change and improve the world, it is not only necessary to get involved with great causes that are of interest to millions of people. Although that is very valuable, you can also contribute to society if you help those people with whom you live or share frequently. For example, in the case of lawyers, these professionals have the possibility of providing advice to close people about the various legal dilemmas they eventually face. Although this type of support seems basic, your loved ones will appreciate it. And there are many times when the helping hand of a lawyer is necessary. Below, we will mention 4 of them.

I. Purchase or sale of valuable goods
Valuable assets, such as vehicles and real estate, must be supported by legal and property documents that serve as collateral for the owners. Therefore, in purchase or sale processes of this type, the support of a lawyer is important, since these professionals are trained to draft legal clauses that are convenient for those involved and allow the transactions not to violate various regulations.

II. Leases
Leases are cases similar to the purchase or sale of valuable assets. When the rental of an apartment or other property is finalized, it is important to support the negotiation with a legal document that establishes clauses of common agreement between the parties involved.

III. Creation of a company
If you have a loved one who has desires for entrepreneurship, by graduating with a law degree you will be able to help them create their own business and register it legally. The creation of companies must be accompanied by different requirements, including a document or articles of incorporation that includes the characteristics of the business, clauses and other considerations that must be developed with the guidance of lawyers.

IV. Tax payments
Paying taxes is a complicated process for some people and, therefore, they need the advice of professionals who know tax laws. Fortunately, when you graduate from Law you will be able to provide that support to people close to you.

7. Strengthens labor rights
Employment is an important activity for any human being. Through work, among other things, the necessary resources can be generated to cover basic needs, such as food, for example. However, a job must be able to offer stability and some conditions so that individuals can fully develop. That said, professionals who are responsible for strengthening labor rights are valuable to the world. The better conditions there are for workers, the greater the well-being of humanity, since the vast majority of people support themselves through employment. Therefore, one way to contribute to the world after you graduate is by working in the area of ​​Law focused on the world of work. In this branch, professionals are responsible for ensuring that human work is carried out freely and in exchange for remuneration that meets the legal requirements of a nation. In the case of Mexico, the minimum wage is $88.36 per day (around $2,686.14 per month). If a person who works full-time receives an income less than this, he is a victim of labor exploitation, something that you can defend if you dedicate yourself to this area. Furthermore, not only will you be able to provide support to workers who do not have access to all of their rights, but as a labor lawyer, you will also have the possibility of working together with companies that are committed to providing good conditions to their employees. In this type of company, you will be in charge of designing hiring plans that include various benefits, both those that are contemplated by law and those that are part of an added value of the organization. If this field of action catches your attention, you should pay special attention to the subject of Collective and Labor Procedural Law. In this class, you will learn the different constitutional laws about work and the regulations that employers must adhere to. In addition, you will learn about the departments of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (STPS) that serve as mediators and supervisors of dilemmas and problems related to labor law, such as the Federal Attorney for the Defense of Labor (Profedet), the National Fund Institute for Workers’ Consumption (Fonacot) and the Federal Conciliation and Arbitration Board. These types of organizations will even be one of the sources of employment that you can access after you graduate if you decide to study law.

8. Conduct research
A lawyer is a professional who has many skills, and one of them is the ability to carry out precise and accurate investigations. Thanks to this degree and, especially, the Research Methodology subject, you will be nourished by knowledge, techniques and effective practices when investigating something specific. If you work as an investigative lawyer, you will be able to make great contributions to your environment, such as identifying a legal loophole within a law or discovering signs that a ruling on a certain case was erroneous. In short, you will have the ability to contribute to justice and improve processes involving the law. Of course, you will also be able to carry out research aimed at improving the teaching and learning processes about Law. When an investigative lawyer makes findings, there are many legal mechanisms and instances that must validate them. Therefore, it is a profession that demands a lot of precision and thoroughness, since a simple error in the argument or presentation of the case could diminish the impact of a great discovery or interpretation. The truth is that, like the previous 7 ways, carrying out research of interest is another very good way to contribute to the world through Law. As you can see, it is a career that has an important influence on society and history. Due to this, it is necessary that its students have a vocation for service and a high ethical and moral sense. In addition to this, it is essential that aspiring lawyers develop reading skills and study habits, since this academic alternative requires learning theories, laws, rules and regulations. If you meet these characteristics and are passionate about the laws, what are you waiting for? Study a degree in Law! By obtaining a degree in a profession as valuable as this, you will be a great source of pride for your family. Also, keep in mind that by studying a degree you will be able to access better opportunities and have a higher remuneration for your work.

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