How to become a lawyer?

The profession of lawyer is made for people who want to defend and advise clients . The lawyer allows you to exercise your rights and be heard in court (in a large number of cases) Law Tutor.

To practice, lawyers must be true legal experts and have very good analytical skills to manage the various missions and files entrusted to them.

But to be able to do all that, you have to study for quite a long time *… In this article we explain everything you need to know to become a lawyer.

Become a lawyer in three steps: license, master, CRFPA
Lawyer studies are quite long: at least 5 years are necessary to master the law, do internships or work-study courses and find your specialty . In addition to studies, there is the training part in lawyer school, the bar, etc.

Which baccalaureate to become a lawyer?
To become a lawyer, it is better to have a baccalaureate in your pocket ! Most law students opt for a general baccalaureate, but some also have a technological or professional baccalaureate.

If you are in Terminale or 1st general, this is the path that will facilitate your access to the general knowledge you need before entering university. When you have to choose your specialties , it is best to opt for non-scientific subjects. The specialties to be favored are the following:

humanities ;
geopolitics and political science ;
mathematics .
You are therefore not obliged to choose scientific subjects unless you like them and want to integrate them into your professional project.
This is particularly the case for students who want to enter business school or pursue a law specialty that relates to accounting or IT and digital technology, for example.

After the baccalaureate, which license should you choose?
Most lawyers have had a university career, in UFR (training and research unit, this is the new name of the faculties). They opt for a law degree , in fact it was the 4th most requested training on Parcoursup in 2021.

The law degree allows you to have solid basic knowledge of law . It provides a foundation of theoretical skills necessary to move on to law studies.

For many young students, particularly recent high school graduates, a law degree requires a lot of involvement and personal work . A little more than half of L1 students complete their year!

Moreover, law licenses are quite selective , in 2021 33.7% of those registered obtained it after 3 years . (source: MESRI study, NOV 18, 2021 ).

To become a lawyer, it is entirely possible to opt for a dual license : it’s a good idea if you already know which specialty you would like to choose or if you are hesitating between medicine and law, for example!


After the three years of bachelor’s degree , you will enter a master’s degree … If you are hesitating between several paths and you don’t know which master’s degree to choose , we have written an article on it!

The master ‘s degree in law: compulsory passage to become a lawyer
Once you have obtained your license, you will have to complete at least one year of a master’s degree in law. Yes, all lawyers have at least a “master’s” level (M1) in law. It allows you to calmly approach your legal specialty , but also to prepare for the entrance exam to lawyer school .

Some students also choose to complete their master’s degree in law with a master’s degree carried out within:

a business school ;
an IEP (institute of political studies), etc.
The second master’s degree will allow you to have more knowledge and experience (if you do internships, a student job or part of your studies abroad) in the second field.

It’s perfect if you want to perfect your knowledge (business world, social developments, general culture, etc.). Finally, a double degree or a second master’s degree also allows you to stand out on the job market.

Diplomas and level certificates in a foreign language are also welcome (especially if you wish to practice in international or European law, for example).

Small clarification: if you choose a legal specialty and ultimately wish to practice in another field, you are not obliged to reorient yourself.
Basic knowledge of law will allow you to work on different cases and you will always be able to train during your career as a lawyer.

At the end of the first year of the master’s degree, you will be able to go through the essential stage of studies to become a lawyer .

The CRFPA entrance exam
The entrance exam to a lawyer school or CFRPA (regional professional training center for lawyers) is compulsory to continue your studies and become a lawyer.

The entrance exam is not selective but you must have at least a 10/20 average to pass it. It is divided into two parts : eligibility tests and admission oral examination.

The eligibility tests are written tests consisting of:

a summary note;
a test in the law of obligations;
a test on a subject of your choice (civil law, business law, social law, criminal law, administrative law, international law, European law and tax law), a practical case test and a procedural test.
If you obtain a minimum average of 10/20, you will be eligible and you will take oral admissions tests , consisting of:

a 45-minute interview;
an English language test.
This exam is very demanding and to pass it, students opt for preparatory classes within IEJ (institutes of judicial studies), for example. To register for the CRFPA exam, you absolutely must be registered in IEJ.

CAPA, the holy grail of lawyers
Once the CFRPA entrance exam has been passed, student lawyers are trained for 1 and a half years to obtain their CAPA. This is the certificate of aptitude for the profession of lawyer which then allows you to take the famous bar exam. Upon successful completion, lawyers take an oath with a bar association and can wear their super dress!

Why become a lawyer?
The profession of lawyer is rich: it allows you to practice in different areas of law ! As your studies progress, you will be able to specialize in a specific field .

Family law, criminal law, business law, tax law, new technology law, etc. you will be spoiled for choice. Law studies allow you to enrich your general culture and learn much more about the functioning of society and its developments .

Becoming a lawyer is also the opportunity to be a mediator and a very good speaker : from small disputes to very delicate and complex cases, they use all their skills to assist their clients. It is a profession that suits those who are very open-minded and want to help others.

The profession of lawyer also requires keeping one’s knowledge up to date and being aware of laws, regulations, etc. They are experts in the law , in the event of a problem, it can always be useful!

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