How to get more subscribers on YouTube

It’s self-explanatory why getting more subscribers on YouTube can increase the number of people who watch your videos . But, like any social media platform, the tactics for getting more followers change over time. In 2021, branding, engagement, and video length are critical to the success of a YouTube channel

Plus, it’s a worthwhile goal, because video marketing isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. According to Wyzowl , 86% of businesses will use video as a marketing tool in 2021, up 41% from 2016. What’s more, it’s an effective marketing and sales strategy:

86% of marketers say video marketing has increased their website traffic
84% say video has helped them generate leads for their business
78% affirm that video marketing has directly contributed to increasing sales

YouTube, of course, is a popular video platform where a considerable amount of video content is published and consumed. According to Wyzowl data, 87% of marketers say YouTube has been an effective channel for them. If you want to join their ranks and keep up with the competition, growing your audience on YouTube is key. Keep reading to find out how.

9 ways to get more subscribers on YouTube
Follow these tips to learn how to get more subscribers on YouTube in 2021 and beyond.

  1. Bookmark your channel
    From your channel banner art to your trailer, everything on your channel should be tailored to your brand. Change the description so people know more about you and what they can expect from your channel. Design an icon for your channel that uses your brand colors, logo, or something that stands out from the rest. Create playlists that focus on specific topics you cover. You can even create a channel trailer to convince non-subscribers to finally click the button.
  2. Record longer videos
    According to a Backlinko study on the main Ranking Factors on YouTube, videos longer than 10 minutes are usually the ones that appear on the first page of YouTube search results. On average, videos that appear on the first page are 14 minutes and 50 seconds long, proving that short videos aren’t always the way to go.
  3. Convert very long videos into shorter videos
    Therefore, longer videos perform well on YouTube. But videos longer than 30 minutes may be too long for non-subscribers to stick with. When you have super long videos, consider extracting key elements from them and turning them into shorter videos to make a more digestible series.

You’ll see fitness gurus do this often. They take a long workout and break it down into 5 minute workouts. New viewers get an idea of ​​what the channel is about by watching or following the shorter workouts, making the decision to subscribe easier. Explainer videos are also usually short, between 60 and 90 seconds. If you have a long tutorial video, break it into short clips, each focusing on a single feature or benefit.

  1. Convince your viewers to like, comment and subscribe
    You’ve probably seen more and more YouTube creators jumping on the bandwagon of asking viewers to like, comment on videos, or subscribe to their channels before finishing the video. This is because those who have been around for a while know that more likes, comments, and subscribers can lead to better rankings in YouTube’s search algorithm. Better ranking = more subscribers (usually).

Check out how some of your favorite YouTubers set up their outro to convince people to like, comment, and subscribe. Formulate your own that fits your brand and start adding it to future videos.

  1. Engage with commenters
    Are you more likely to subscribe to a channel whose creator takes the time to read and respond to comments? Probably. This simple task shows that you care about what your viewers think, and could be just the thing to encourage them to subscribe. Plus, it shows YouTube that you’re engaged with others, which could help you move up their algorithm.
  2. Make thumbnails look cohesive
    We’ve already mentioned the importance of branding your channel, and video thumbnails are essential parts of your brand. Consistent thumbnails that are different but include similar elements can make your channel catch someone’s attention the moment they visit it.

A good thumbnail can make users click on your video instead of a similar one in search results, simply because it appears to be well organized. Cohesive thumbnails tie everything on your channel together for a more recognizable brand, which can only do positive things for your subscriber count.

  1. Let viewers know what’s coming next
    YouTube has a fantastic tool known as the End Screen Editor. In the editor, you can add other videos that someone watching your video might want to see. The result? The person stays longer on your channel, realizes how much they like your content, and clicks the subscribe button. Never miss an opportunity to promote other videos on each of your video end screens.
  2. Consider collaborating
    Many YouTubers have an incredible number of subscribers without ever having done a collaboration with another YouTuber. However, it doesn’t hurt to get into the collaboration game. Consider reaching out to other YouTubers you like to see if they are interested in having you on their channel or vice versa. Promote collaboration and you’ll both benefit from a whole new audience watching your videos.
  3. Have a consistent posting schedule
    The ideal goal for a new YouTuber is to post a new video at least once a week. If that’s all you can do, great, but make sure you’re consistent. Your subscribers count on seeing your new content when the time comes.

If possible, try to make more videos each week, but prioritize quality over quantity. Each video should feel like the same amount of time and effort has been put into it as any other video on your channel.

Don’t forget to also add the YouTube follow button to your website to get more subscribers. It only takes a few minutes to install on your blog or website, and your visitors can follow you on YouTube with just one click. It’s a completely free and effortless way to start growing your audience on YouTube today.

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