What types of Musical Group can you hire for your wedding?

Live music adds a “wow” factor to your big day that is difficult to replicate. The right musical group will create a true party atmosphere that will have your guests out of their seats all night long. But do you know what groups you can hire for your wedding? Have you considered which group will work best for you and the celebration?

If these questions surprised you, don’t worry. We will leave you a list of some groups that you should keep in mind if you want to entertain your big day in the right way bristol wedding band.

Groups you can hire for your wedding

1. Rock and pop musical group

Event groups that focus on pop and rock music are the “workhorses” of live entertainment, capable of performing a wide variety of songs ranging from the 1950s to this year’s latest hits.

These types of wedding musical ensembles play songs made famous by other artists and are usually made up of four or five male performers. They are perfect not only to liven up wedding receptions, but also private and corporate celebrations, family reunions, Christmas parties and any event where you want your guests to get out of their chairs and dance the night away.

If you are looking for a completely different experience from the others. A rock-pop-rock & roll “tribute band” recreates the music and feel of famous acts, looking and sounding as close to the “real” as possible, often using accurate costumes and instruments.

So, with this type of musical group you have all the excitement of an original act without the high price that comes with it. Some of these tribute groups specialize in music from a particular era, such as the 90’s, or in a specific genre, such as disco.

This variety of groups works perfectly to give an unexpected twist to the night of this special moment for you. Imagine that your wedding is celebrated on the beautiful beaches of Cancun, it would be a perfect combination.

2. Jazz Musical Group

If you are looking for something classic and different, this is one of the types of groups you can hire for your wedding that will attract the most attention. Jazz is a very diverse genre of music, which has a traditional part, moving to a completely modern and relaxed style. So you could say that there is a type of jazz for every mood you want to recreate for your event.

A classical standard jazz band will play old tunes made famous by artists like Louis Armstrong , Dizzie Gillespie , and vocalists like Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday .

Thanks to the fact that this type of tunes can become very happy from one moment to the next, making you move your feet with a lot of rhythm, it is the versatile party music most sought after by brides who want a more minimalist style in their celebrations.

3. Swing Groups – Rock ‘n Roll

As their name indicates, these musical groups that you can hire for your wedding play an infectious mix of upbeat music that includes classic Swing and Rock and Roll hits . Which always make guests get out of their seats and onto the dance floor.

They are perfect for receptions and wedding parties, but also provide an incredible atmosphere for birthday celebrations, anniversaries, sporting events and, in general, any event that requires an injection of musical energy.

4. Mariachis

Of course, a good mariachi cannot be missing at a Mexican wedding . These are the perfect option if you want the music that accompanied us in our childhood and for which the country is recognized to be found in your celebration. As is normal, they usually have all the necessary equipment to recreate the music of great artists, from the costumes to the instruments, everything is perfectly planned to invite the bride and groom and their guests to dance.

5. Caribbean groups

These types of musical groups have the iconic sound of the Caribbean. Some with steel drums even evoke visions of sand, sea and sun. They are portable, flexible and fascinating for your guests to look at. If your wedding is celebrated in a beach destination, this group is definitely for you.

6. Versatile Groups

In this category of musical groups, versatile groups are ideal for carrying out not only a wedding, but also a At least with a couple of songs they make you dance even if you are not a great dancer, since much of the music that is performed does not require a partner, something ideal for the single aunt, or friends who go without a partner.

In the case of Grupo Musical Río Pop! We always worry about bringing the best hits of the moment to your event, without forgetting all the genres of the past that are essential for all types of parties.

Something extremely important in versatile groups is that the singers must be charismatic to be able to liven up the celebration in an elegant way, apart from singing in tune, of course.

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