The Different Types of Accommodations at Hotels

This article explains the different room types and accommodations for hotels. It gives the usual features for each kind of room. Read on to learn more.

Hotels around the world usually have similar names for the different kinds of accommodations that they offer their guests. There are three basic types of rooms that are available for occupancy and these are the standard, deluxe and the suites. Although these three are the basic ones, there are other kinds that may vary from the three listed here. It is a dependent on the type of place that one goes to. Upscale accommodations may have more than six different kinds of rooms that they offer to their accommodation in london


This kind of accommodation is the most basic that is offered by hotels and other forms of lodging that has different types of rooms. The area is somewhat small and this is almost always offered as a single room for people who come in singly. It is likely to be the cheapest type available. In some of the lower end places, this may mean no refrigerator and mini-bar to accommodate the guest. People who stay in these rooms can use the features and amenities in the building but there may be charges for some of these.


Deluxe rooms are almost always a step up from the standard ones. These are usually good for couples or twin sharing and may have a bigger area compared to the standard. In most hotels, these have refrigerators and mini-bars. The area in the resort may also be closer to the beach or to whatever attraction there is. Hotels usually offer this type of accommodation to couples and they can have an additional person or child with them at an additional cost. Some places do not allow an additional child or person but they may recommend occupying a suite instead. Deluxe rooms have a standard with regards to their size which is 35 square meters which is a recommendation of the World Tourism Organization. For most places, the deluxe is the most expensive twin sharing room. Suites may be more expensive but only because of the fact that more people can occupy them.


There are several different types of suites available in many hotels. There are junior suites and presidential suites as well as many other names that the place might want to call their bigger rooms. Basically, these types of accommodations can house several people although they are advertised as twin sharing rooms. The additional people will have to pay the cost of their occupation. Some places do allow children below a certain age to stay in the suite for free. Many resorts allow two children in one suite along with their parents or guardians since many families like to spend their vacation in resorts. In some countries, the suite is the most expensive room available and is limited to two people only. The presidential suite and the honeymoon suite are examples of these.

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