Soothe yourself with Sacred Music

This article talks about the benefits of the World Sacred Music collection offered by Spirit Voyage. The article also discusses about how an individual can relax his mind, body and soul with this music Music Lessons Colorado Springs.

Yoga, the ancient Indian philosophy for a balanced mind, body and soul came from the Sanskrit word ‘yuj’. The word ‘Yuj’ means to unite or to integrate. 5,000 years ago, the Vedic people started this practice which was very much popular then for its proven scientific base and methodology. It is the way to unite a person’s own consciousness with the universal consciousness or in other words the atma with the paramatma. Through this gradual process of uplifting self-realization, the path which leads one to the highest state of spirituality come more closer and clearer. By practicing any type of yoga, be it Kundalini yoga, Kriya yoga or Hatha yoga, one can easily control his own mind, body and soul. Practicing yoga can be made more effective if a little bit of yoga music is put into the practicing.

Music has the magical power to heal stresses and wards off tensions or anxieties. With its universal appeal, music diverts the mind from any negative thoughts and thus help it to relax. And when it is yoga music, one can expect the best result. Music can be incorporated in the three main yoga structures which are yoga poses, meditation and breathing exercises. Music increases the level of concentration by soothing the mind with its cooling and relaxing tunes. Spirit Voyage, the renowned online music company, offers a vast collection of various yoga music CDs and Yoga DVDs which are just meant for those who want to learn and practice yoga and by doing so include yoga in their daily lifestyles.

A special section in Spirit Voyage is World Sacred Music, the collection of pure devotional music from all over the world. This section includes sacred music from all around the world like Buddhist Chant, Bhangra & Dance music, Native American music, New Age Celtic Music, Sacred English Vocals, New Age Christian & Jewish music and Sounds of the World.

All these categories have soothing music of various genres collected from different religions or places from every corner of the world. New Age Celtic Music offers enchanting sounds of Celtic chant and song as well as pure instrumental music. Buddhist Chant includes pious chants inspired by the Lord Buddha from Nepal and Tibet, the land of Buddhist. This range of meditation music fills up the heart and soul with divine purity. Dive in the river of Western sacred music with Sounds of the World and New Age Christian & Jewish Music. The vast sphere of traditional Jewish and Christian devotional music and chants are the main attraction of these two categories.

Sacred English Vocals offers songs which are largely inspired from various sacred music composed by musicians with main focus on yoga, meditation and sacred lifestyles. Whereas Incredible Native American religious music with Native American drums, Indian chants and the soothing Indian flutes are the main components of the Native American Music category.

The enticing divine music from Spirit Voyage Yoga DVDs and CDs help to connect the mortal self with the Almighty. Feeling the presence of the Omnipotent energy leads an individual to the attainment of the ultimate freedom or moksha. Pure voices of the legendary singers like Deva Premal, Snatam Kaur, Wah!, Donna De Lory and Gurmukh will take the listeners to a different dimension of spirituality. This collection of pure meditation music help you to relax the mind and feel the eternal oneness with the God. Books on different yoga forms like Kundalini yoga or Ashtanga yoga are also available to help the aspirants in learning yoga in a proper way.

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