Should You Paint Or Stain Your Kitchen Cabinets

Before you can answer this question adequately, Should You Paint Or Stain Your Kitchen Cabinets Articles it helps to know the difference between painting and staining as well as what your own preferences are. There isn’t really one way that is any better than the other. It is all in the eye of the beholder, and in this case, that’s you. So to decide whether one is superior to the other, start with learning what you can expect from the end product Custom Kitchen Cabinets. Do you like a more rugged and natural look, or are you a bigger fan of rich colors that mask the true nature of the material?


Those, who prefer staining, have a more natural preference for how their home looks. The kitchen cabinets are a highly important part of one’s interior home design, so unless you have a dominant color scheme that you want to take precedent over everything else, you may consider choosing the stain method. With staining, one continues to see the look and feel the texture of the material underneath. Stains allow you to change colors without betraying your sense of timelessness that comes with a natural look. In other words, if your cabinet is made of oak, the color will take a background to the oaky look of the cabinet itself.


Painting requires a tad more work, but if you are a colorful personality type, then it can be much more rewarding in the end. Does your kitchen show off a lot of rich reds or blues? Is that what you want your guests to take away from a visit inside? If so, then you may wish to prime the kitchen cabinet and deliver thick coatings of your favorite color to the wood. This allows the room to “pop” more when people walk in and see what you have done with the place.

Now that you understand what painting and staining are, and the end results of the two different forms, you are more prepared to make a final decision as to which one you should perform on your kitchen cabinets. The advantages and disadvantages of each are up to you depending on what you feel best suits the job and the decor of the room. Should you decide to go through with a full repaint of the cabinet, make sure that you are using the best paint for the job. With staining, keep an eye on consistency throughout. In both cases, be careful. Cover your mouth and nose if possible and make sure that the paint does not land or dry on surfaces you don’t want for it to go.






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