Send flowers for funerals

Freshfuneralflowers offers the possibility of sending flowers for funerals to any location in Spain and the world. This type of floral delivery requires special care regarding the choice of the flower and the experience of the florist. Send bouquets, wreaths or flower centers for the funeral thanks to freshfuneralflowers. We are a network made up of serious, dynamic florists with competitive prices funeral flower arrangements.

Funeral flower delivery
You can count on freshfuneralflowers for your funeral flower shipments. We are specialists in sending flowers and compositions for funerals. They are nearby florists who will take care of your flower order and who will deliver it to your home, to the funeral home, to the cemetery or wherever you need it.

How to choose your condolence bouquet for a funeral?
In the past, a condolence bouquet was often given to the family of the deceased to communicate their support during that difficult period of the funeral. Little by little, giving a bouquet of flowers or a funeral wreath became a custom to pay a last tribute, to give a last attention, to present condolences or simply to say goodbye. When celebrating a funeral, you are not going to choose the same floral decoration whether you belong to the family of the deceased or not. Discover our collection of bouquets and floral creations delivered by a freshfuneralflowers artisan florist to the home of the deceased or his family, to the church, cemetery or funeral home for the ceremony.

A bouquet of flowers for a funeral
The funeral flower bouquet is a conical-shaped floral creation, which is placed flat or in a container with foam, so that it lasts longer. The sheaf of flowers is generally reserved for the religious ceremony, the cemetery or the funeral home. It is only given on the day of the funeral.

The floral funeral cushion
The funeral cushion is a floral realization of circular or square shape. Fresh flowers, carefully selected in tones conducive to expressing sadness, are pricked into a foam that gives volume to the cushion. It can be delivered to the home of the deceased or his family a few days before or after the burial, but also to the church, cemetery or funeral home. In the same category, we also have flower hearts for funerals or flower crosses…

funeral center
The flower centerpiece for funerals offers an assembly of fresh flowers pierced into a foam, as is done with the funeral cushion. In general, due to its elongated shape, it carries a ribbon in tribute to the deceased person. The center can measure up to a meter long.

Wreath of flowers for funeral
A funeral wreath, also called a funeral wreath, can measure up to 80 centimeters. It is studded with funeral and condolence flowers. It is placed flat or on a foot and a ribbon can be added carrying a message in tribute to the deceased.

Funeral flowers on the coffin and in front of the grave
Generally, these floral creations take up a lot of space and are given as gifts by the family of the deceased.

What color to choose for a funeral bouquet?
When a funeral is celebrated, as with all events in life, flowers have a language. Therefore, it is very important to choose carefully the flowers that you are going to send for the composition of a bouquet or a funeral wreath. Depending on the feelings you want to express, we offer a variety of fresh flowers sent to the home of the deceased, his family, the church, the cemetery or the funeral home.

The chromatic signatures
Neutral white is suitable for all floral creations given by the family or friends of the deceased person. The purity it symbolizes means that people will use it more for the deceased young people or children. The color purple symbolizes sadness and is suitable for all types of creations in which other warm-toned flowers will be added. You can do this if you feel close to the person who has just died. Red is obviously used to express love. You can also opt for a quite colorful bouquet if it is a friend of yours who passed away. However, you have to know that nothing is really prohibited. The important thing is that you can express your affection, whatever model of funeral flower bouquets you are going to choose. In all cases,

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