New direction for research and development of cosmetics

The use of peptide products, including technology development Anaw Force Extra (Avon) and Visibly, Firm Active Copper (Neutrogena). Peptides in their proper absorption and retention in the skin below the surface will cause difficult problems to deal with the preparation and stability issues peptide dosage calculator.

Copper peptide formulations of other chelating ingredients are very sensitive to strong oxidation – reduction component is also very sensitive. Bioinorganic chemistry of copper is complex. Copper peptides are generally three different intracellular divalent copper Cu +2 state (formal Cu a, blue Cu a, coupled Cu a) one of the work, glutathione if disrupted this feature, it will hinder them to achieve the desired effective or change their expected benefits. Copper is the second iron and zinc in the body after the third most abundant metallic element. Many oxidase, oxygenase, SOD containing copper, for which a variety of oxygen transport, oxidation and detoxification and function. One more note: the vast majority of peptides containing copper or iron has a strong coloring ability. In the preparation process, if the amount of their great help because they have strong oxidizing properties, can cause discoloration as well as product stability. Synthetic peptide analog of enzyme activity, it is worth formulators and suppliers of attention. With easy to remember name (Liftiline, SOD Vegetale, StructuFine, the company’s products are Silab) of high molecular weight protein-based ingredients in the market to continue to attract attention. L’OreaI by the company for 50 years or older developed AgePerfect series with Dermo-Peptide on this combination of protein-based ingredients.DNA DNA and RNA nucleic acid is a key component of the RNA. People are looking for a synthetic nucleic acid analogs and derivatives applications in skin care products. Kinetin is a cytokinin class of plant growth hormone, has now become Kierase Cream (ICN Pharmaceutical), Kinetin CelluIar RenewaI (OsmotiCS) and Kinetin Skincare (AImay) pick a large beam in the composition. Other plant growth hormone use in cosmetics is not in the foreseeable future things. As we all know, there are factors supporting the growth of auxin such as kinetin, astaxanthin zeatin, BAP (benzylaminopurine), the type of cytokinin would be more effective. Used to enhance plant growth of new auxin has applied for a patent, that they penetrate the skin’s role has been enhanced, some of which have cosmetic treatment in the future to find a purpose.Lipotec / Centerchem company has introduced an interesting nano-capsule technology. Conventional hydrophilic and lipophilic components are grouped into the soft gel capsule-shaped, but not for the obvious characteristics of skin care products and hair care products of surfactants, emulsifiers and emulsion stabilizers . Nano-capsules in the pump delivery system in preparation of poly-carboxylic hexene gel. In the product use, these nano-capsules rupture and release a J are contained material interest, cosmetics material capsules and dissolve its materials largely disappeared in the preparation of the matrix.

Based on non-woven fabric mask new concept has been on this side of the Atlantic (Centerchem) was used. A pre-cut out the eyes, nose, lips, parts of the pieces of cloth dipped slightly larger than aspirin activator liquid, it expands the same salty facial shape. This mask on his face, dropped off after the use. Beneficial to the skin and active ingredients and anti-aging ingredients can be directly transported to the surface for rapid absorption. Electric transport (iontophoresis therapy) is the application of electric transportation is bound to a biological active ingredients through the film (such as skin, sticky surface of the nail), which is very familiar with the pharmaceutical sector has. The application of this ingredient in cosmetics delivery technology will continue to be studied.

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