Important Dog Training Lesson- Step to Follow to Stop Dog Scratching

Are you tired of watching your dog scratching his body all the time? If yes, take an immediate action to save your dog from relentless problem and stop dog scratching. Take a look at this important lesson about dogs.

Dog scratching is not only irritating for the pet, but for the owner as well. Most of the pet owners keep on looking for different ideas to stop dog scratching, but do not look for the main cause of the problem. Scratching is a severe problem that can lead to hot spots, infections and other skin problems, so it is extremely important to cure these as soon as possible.

How to stop dog scratching?

Before proceeding towards cures and methods to stop dog scratching, you must recognize the root cause. These include infection, allergy, nutritional deficiency, parasites or fleas, neurogenic and environmental factors. Let us discuss each of these factors turn by turn.

Allergies: Different types of allergies such as food allergy, flea allergy, dust and pollen allergy, etc. can cause itching and scratching on your dog’s skin.

Infection: It can happen due to bacterial attack on the dog’s skin, especially hairless skin leading to swelling and itching. Other possible causes of infection are yeast and fungi that cause greasy sores and hairless patches.

Nutritional Deficiency: If your dog does not receive proper diet rich in all important elements, he may develop problems like dry skin, sores, eczema, etc. that induce scratching. Make sure that your dog’s feed is rich in all required nutrients.Dog obedience training Houston

Parasites: All types of parasites including ticks, fleas, flies, gnats, and mites cause itching and scratching on your pet’s skin. Lucking, several medicines are available to stop dog scratching from parasites. Flea bath can also be given after taking advice from a vet.

Neurogenic: Sometimes, dogs develop a mental tick and keep on scratching their body all the time. This is a nervous issue and usually arises due to stress or lack of exercise.

Environmental: Some environmental factors and activities also play a significant role in dog scratching problem. For example, too much water play, sand digging, etc.

Once you have determined the root cause of problem, take your furry friend to the vet and get him thoroughly examined. If it is an allergy, vet him prescribe some antihistamines with some diet changes. Infections can be treated with some antibiotics and antifungal creams.

How to cure neurogenic scratching?

While medications and diet can be used to stop dog scratching due to all above problems, neurogenic scratching is somewhat complicated. Therefore, you need to find out the trigger first.

There could be several reasons such as separation anxiety, boredom, etc. If you feel that the dog is scratching due to boredom, get him good dog training at home with exercises. You can also spray bitter apple spray on the itching spots so as to stop dog scratching on those spots. Make him active and involve in exercises so that it does not give him any chance of scratching its body. Do not forget to keep an eye on your pet until it does not get back to normal life.

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