FLIGHT ATTENDANT: Advantages and curiosities of working flying

Have you ever considered working as a flight attendant? When we talk about flight attendants, it seems that they are privileged people who have had to study a lot to get that job بلیط مشهد کیش.

And it is true that you need good preparation. However, once you achieve the title of TCP, or Passenger Cabin Crew, the wonderful profession will open before you where you have the entire planet at your feet.

Today I want to talk to you about what the job of a flight attendant is like; We will see all the advantages of this profession so loved by many people. In addition, I will teach you a series of curiosities that you will surely love to know.

I want to be a flight attendant
The flight attendant profession is one of the most in-demand and with the greatest job offer in the world. And the aviation sector is growing at a rate at which a large demand for jobs is expected in the coming years.

Do you want to know what a flight attendant does?
Its functions go far beyond serving catering to the passengers. That perception of a pretty girl helping to put a pillow on a passenger, or serving a cup of broth to the lady in the back, is long gone.

Nowadays, cabin staff are perfectly prepared to deal with all types of unforeseen events and needs that may arise during a flight.

In fact, studying to be a flight attendant requires very exhaustive preparation where you learn everything that cabin crew do in their job.


Any flight attendant must be perfectly familiar with the legislation that regulates safety on an airplane. All cabin crew must be prepared to deal with any emergency situation that may arise.

You should know about resuscitation in case of fainting , cardiopulmonary resuscitation , assisting in a birth , reacting to a passenger in shock , or any incident that may occur. It is part of the flight attendant course and this knowledge is always received from medical personnel.

In addition to having to swim 100 meters in a time equal to or less than 2.5 minutes , you have to learn other tasks, such as getting on the raft or rescuing the castaway. This is one of the requirements that is part of the physical tests that you have to pass if you decide to become a flight attendant.

Deal with all types of emergency situations, such as extinguishing a fire in the cabin or evacuating in the event of an accident . Flight attendants are responsible for the safety of the passenger in any compromised situation.

Working flying is very attractive because you can visit any place on the planet. Traveling is something that almost everyone likes, but is traveling while working so pleasant? Is it comfortable to live with a suitcase on your back, sleeping every night in a different city in the world? What is the life of a flight attendant like?

Let’s see what the advantages of this beautiful profession are.
Travel the world
This is what anyone likes most if you ask them. Think about when you have your agenda in front of you and you see the number of cities you are going to visit in the next week; Without a doubt, working as a flight attendant should not require any effort for you.

Flexible schedules
You have many days off, a lot of time to do what you want. The schedule of a flight attendant has nothing to do with a person who works in an office or as a clerk in a store, for example.

Cultural exchange
Traveling to such a variety of countries opens up the possibilities of getting to know other cultures and customs. Furthermore, by interacting with people from such diverse cultures, you will develop your capacity for tolerance and empathy . Without a doubt, this is an excellent advantage that will open many career paths for you.

Just by being a flight attendant you have access to discount tickets to buy plane tickets from any other company. This allows you to travel around the world at very affordable prices. In addition, you also have discounts in hotels, in airport duty free shops and in many companies in the sector.

All expenses paid
When your base is in another city, the airline pays for your stay. If you are deployed for a week, for example, you have to pay for the hotel. And if your stay is longer, the airline will pay for your accommodation.

The salary
The base salary of a flight attendant ranges between 1,500 and 2,000 euros. To this you have to add the bonuses that you can collect; For example, when you leave a detachment you receive extra money.

Like any other profession, the flight attendant also has curiosities and details that you may be wondering . Here are the most unique curiosities that you will experience if you decide to be a flight attendant.

They never turn off their smartphones
Can cell phones be turned on on a flight? It is true that passengers are forced to turn them off during the trip in order not to interfere with the plane’s radio.

However, all crew personnel usually keep it on at all times. In fact, it is common for them to take advantage of the moment the plane takes off and lands to visit their social networks, or read the news from their smartphone.

Four pilots on the same flight
On long-duration flights there are always two pairs of pilots. Furthermore, they never eat the same thing : the pilot team, usually made up of the commander and the first officer, cannot choose the same menu when eating during a flight.

As you have already imagined, this is for a security issue; since, in case of intoxication, there will always be a professional capable of taking control of piloting the plane.

Another curiosity is that many flight attendants, after working for a while, decide to go one step further and become airplane pilots.

Bunk beds to sleep on the plane
Planes that make long flights, more than eight hours, have a room for the crew to rest.

This is the CRC, or Crew Rest Compartment. It is equipped with several bunk beds with built-in television and headphones, and it is there where the flight attendants take their breaks.

They are breaks of about 3 hours, although this varies depending on the length of the flight. All flight attendants must enter the CRC dressed in their pajamas.

They are required to wear a watch
All flight attendants are required to always wear a wristwatch. Don’t forget that they are responsible for security at all times.

In the event of any incident, they must control the time that passes; For example, if a passenger suffers a health mishap, if a fire breaks out or any other situation that requires having everything under control. It is mandatory that you pay attention to time.

Retirement age
I want to answer a question that people ask a lot; Perhaps you also have doubts about the retirement age of flight attendants.

Flight attendants are workers like anyone else. The law protects them the same as in other jobs. That is, the retirement age of a flight attendant is the same as that of any worker who practices his profession in Spanish territory.

However, you may have already noticed that there are not many elderly crew working on the planes. And after a certain age, most people look for a certain personal stability , which is why they choose to work as a stewardess on the ground or in other means, such as trains.

As you can see, being a TCP is an exciting profession. Not only because of the number of advantages that come with having such an entertaining job, but because it also helps you discover and learn a large number of situations.

If you are seriously thinking about it and need to know the experience of people who finally decided, here you can read real opinions from students who trained with Air Hostess in Malaga and who are now fulfilling their dream.

And if you have already decided (or are in the process), in this article you can read the requirements you need to meet to be a TCP.

Do you still have any reason that prevents you from training as a flight attendant? Call us and tell us what your questions are. We will love to help you with whatever you need.

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