5 tips to better manage your online reputation

One of the essential practices to have a strong business is the correct management of online reputation . The image of our company on the Internet can determine its success or failure. Therefore, if you are starting to get started in managing your brand’s digital reputation or want to specialize a little more in this area, don’t miss our article. Also remember that in our school you can find the best marketing and sales courses.

Online reputation vs traditional reputation
Digital transformation has revolutionized the business sector and companies at many levels. If before the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic, the digitalization of companies was already unstoppable, this year 2020 has only precipitated and accelerated this already unstoppable process buy facebook comments.

In this way, the transformation has not only occurred in the business world. Buyers, users and customers have also developed new digital skills. Now, practically everyone knows how to shop online. We all know how to look for opinions and we all create our own criteria. Hence, online reputation is an increasingly important area that, however, not all businessmen are aware of.

Let’s see below some tips that will help you make online reputation management, whatever your brand or company, be as effective as possible. Take note.

Tips for managing online reputation
The online reputation of a company is included, conceptually, within the digital identity of a brand. In it, parallel areas such as the web, the corporate image on the Internet, the work niche and other factors that end up converging are studied and worked on. In other words, to work on the online reputation of our brand we will have to work in these other areas.

1-. Social networks, your allies
We invest our leisure and entertainment time in them, but through them we also learn about brands, offers, products and services. Having careful and well-developed social networks is essential to have a good online reputation . In this sense, it may be advisable that you consider the need to have a social media management professional, also known as a community manager.

2-. Use all the digital tools you have at hand
If I already have a website, why do I want a blog? If I already have Facebook, why open a LinkedIn account? The truth is that today all tools and channels are important. The digital generation is in all the digital platforms and tools that emerge every day. It is through them and your image in them that they will form an image of what you are, sell or transmit. Choose very carefully which platform you discard and for what reasons.

3-. Stay responsive
Being online has its pros (many!) but also its cons. And one of the cons that you should be most careful with is the connection with your clients: both good and bad. This means that posting complaints and negative comments online is much easier thanks to the anonymity and the screen that separates us. Being receptive and having a response, crisis and management strategy for this feedback is vitally important.

At this point, remember that you are a company: serious, with loyal customers and with an image that represents you. Keep your sanity: that tweet that has bothered you so much is probably nothing personal against you. Do not fall for provocations and always maintain an activated attitude in “company mode”.

4-. Actively participate
You don’t have to spend all day on the internet continually launching and creating content. But having constant and active activity on the networks, on your blog and in other communication channels will always have a positive impact on your online reputation. Who inspires confidence in a company that has had an Instagram that hasn’t been updated for 4 months? To nobody!

Committing to a “digital agenda” is essential so that both Google (which decides to position us or not) and our clients or target audience understand that we are active and that they can count on us. Also, don’t miss digital conferences and get involved in those related to your sector or business to gradually become a reference and gain online reputation.

5-. Create a tailored strategy
It is 100% normal that if you are starting to move in the digital brand image sector you do not know very well how to advance in it. The most advisable thing to avoid “losing your way” and working on our online reputation is to have a tailored strategy.

This strategic plan, which you can build step by step and execute it personally or have a team of people specialized in marketing and digital communication in charge, will lead you to good management of your online reputation.

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