5 things you should know before adopting a cat

Having a pet is one of the best decisions you have ever made and if it is a cat, which is also adopted, then all the better! But, are you prepared to have a pet at home? If you have doubts about the answer to this simple question, We will help you solve the problem and explain the 5 things you should know before adopting a cat.

Adding a new member to the family is always a reason for joy, but when you adopt an animal you must take into account many factors, both about the animal itself, as well as the family you want it to join and the place it will go to. your new home best family pets.

If you have already lived with cats you should know some important things, but let’s not forget that although the excitement of having a small kitten in our home overcomes us, common sense should never fail. It is better that we are prepared to make our new friend feel comfortable and that the cat-human relationship begins and develops in the best possible way.

If you want to adopt a cat, find out everything you need to know beforehand and get ready to enjoy an incredible pet.

1. Puppy or adult cat
We know that a small kitten will surely excite you more than an adult, but you should know that adult cats are also full of love to give and their acclimatization to a new home may be even easier than that of a very young cat.

If you are determined to adopt a puppy cat you have to keep in mind that you will have to have patience to educate it and time to play with it since kittens have too much energy and are quite hyperactive. Of course, you will enjoy a beautiful stage with your pet, full of fun moments, but which entail important responsibilities.

If, on the other hand, you want to help an adult cat , the advantages of adopting it are numerous. An adult cat already has the basic knowledge learned and getting it used to a new home will be easier. Remember that we all deserve second chances and more animals like these, who, even if they don’t play as much, continue to provide company and unconditional affection.

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2. Their space in your home
Whether it is a kitten or an adult cat, one of the things you should know before adopting a cat is that a feline needs 4 essential spaces within its home. These spaces are:

Toilet area: A space where their sandbox is always there. Remember that cats are extremely clean animals and the area where the litter box is is sacred. It should never be near food and should be in a ventilated place whenever possible.

Play area: If you do not want your furniture or clothes to suffer continuous attacks, before adopting a cat, you must have its play area prepared and it must always include a scratching post.

Feeding area : It should be far from the litter box, remember that cats are sensitive to odors and the area where you place the water bowl and their eating bowl should be in another part of the house, always in the same place.

Rest area: In general, the rest area is usually a corner in which our friend feels so comfortable that he uses it both to sleep and to carry out his personal hygiene routines. This place can be the scratching post itself or a corner of the house where you have a cushion and some toys.

Remember that to have a feline at home you do not need large spaces or a garden where it can run, but what you do have to keep in mind before adopting a cat is that it will need to easily find its living spaces.

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3. Prepare the family
Before adopting a cat, it is very important that you keep in mind that the new pet will be part of your family , so the rest of the family must be aware of its arrival so that the welcome is always positive.

Children and adults
If you have small children at home, you must prepare them for the arrival of the new family member. Cats are very affectionate, although their fame says otherwise, but it is also true that they are quite independent and do not like to be harassed or manipulated for long periods of time. Teach your children how to play with the cat and how to educate it so that the relationship is completely healthy and the cat can quickly integrate into the family.

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As for adults, the same! Cats are not the same as any other type of pet and therefore, they cannot be treated the way you would treat a dog, for example. Cats are similar in character to humans, so don’t try to keep them on you all day. Of course, remember that they are animals and that they need attention and, above all, a lot of games, like chasing things or hunting.

Other pets
Cats are quite territorial, so before adopting a cat make sure that the rest of the pets in the house can get along with it. If you have dogs or cats, the best way to introduce the new member of the family will be little by little and with great tact; a hasty introduction can forever ruin the relationship between your pets.

To do this, give the new cat a private space, like a room for example, and gradually introduce him to the rest of the house. Let the pets smell each other, without having to see each other, monitor the first encounters constantly and this way they will lose their fear. This process can take up to a month, don’t rush it and be patient. And if aggressive encounters occur, here are some tips to avoid fights between cats.

4. Visit to the vet
Although it is point number four on our list of things you should know before adopting a cat, the issue of visiting the veterinarian is one of the most important, whether you plan to take home a kitten or if you want to adopt to an adult cat.

Take your new pet for a consultation , have the veterinarian check that everything is in order and if necessary, have it vaccinated and dewormed. If you have other animals at home, you can put their health at risk by bringing another animal that can transmit diseases.

Cats, although strong, are also delicate animals in certain aspects. A depressed or scared cat is more likely to contract certain diseases, so it is important that you monitor its health from the first moment it comes into your life. Another aspect that you should take into account is the issue of sterilization, this has a lot to do with its happiness, since a cat that does not have the “stress” that the heat season can generate, will not only be more docile but will also be happier.

5. A cat will change your life
Throughout this article we have explained the basic aspects that you should take into account if you want to adopt a cat. We have told you that you must decide what type of cat you want, that you must also prepare its space at home and the rest of the family for its arrival and we have explained that a visit to the vet is almost obligatory, but the most important thing of all this is that Having a cat as a pet will fill your life with joy!

Cats need time, care and affection, like any living being, and the prize they give you in return is priceless, so don’t hesitate and get everything ready to have a cat in the family. Whatever the reason that led you to make this decision, you should know that the relationship with your new pet must be forever and that the sacrifices you may have to make will result in a unique friendship.

Felines may have a bad reputation, their solitary and independent character may be confused with selfishness, aggressiveness, and some may even believe that cats are treacherous animals, but those of us who have felines at home know that this is completely far from the truth. A cat will bring joy to your home, it will be your support in moments of loneliness, it will make you a more active person and because of him, daily laughter is guaranteed with his craziness.

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